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Jeong-Do Management

Jeong-Do Management Philosophy

A company must compete fairly and fulfill its social responsibilities and obligations
based on transparent and proper decision-making in line with principles and basics.
  • 01
  • “Jeong-Do” means not doing something that you would not be proud of doing.
  • 02
  • “Transparency” means sharing the same information by providing accurate information.
  • 03
  • Anyone can make mistakes, but you must not go on to betray the principle of transparency.
  • 04
  • We must lay down standards that we must abide by while continuing to examine them in order to build a culture that follows these principles as well as the basics.

The Four Principles of Jeong-Do Management

With the pride of being a part of HL, all members must perform their duties conscientiously and fairly
and demonstrate sincerity, faithfulness, and honesty at all times.
Eradication of wrongdoing and corruption
Prevention of risks and bolstering risk management training
Advancing the level of management
Voluntary compliance with the related laws

Implementation System

Guidelines for the implementation system

We have a Code of Ethics as a standard for the correct behavior and judgment of values that all stakeholders must follow. It specifies the scope of acceptable behavior and standards as criteria for ethical decision-making and behavior.

Education and Campaign

We run an education program for Jeong-Do Management for our employees and for the employees of our affiliates to provide support when practicing Jeong-Do Management for the code of ethics, anti-corruption, fair trade, information security, and various risks of violating rules and regulations.

Enhancing self-purification capacity through participation

We are operating an online channel for employees and external stakeholders so as to report unfair trade and acts of violation of the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct. We guarantee the anonymity of anyone who provides information relating to unlawful or immoral activity and strictly prohibit any disadvantage or discrimination following such a report.